For ten straight days and the 87th time, Geneva and the world’s motorized vehicle fans will marvel at the most exquisite designs and cutting-edge technological miracles of the automobile world. This exciting “little” show spans across 110,000 square meters where an XXL show room rolls out the red carpet for manufacturers from all four corners of the globe. The biggest names in the business present their latest creations, from sleek and high-spirited to elegant and cool, from suave saloons to stocky SUVs and other high-powered dream machines. Models offer varying degrees of audacity and manufacturers range from conservative to outrageous. Aside from the mammoths of the industry, a few relatively unknown challengers, who share the spirit of Carbon, dare to shift Mont Blanc a few inches.

Among them you’ll find exotically named brands and concept-cars that boast of an electric future, like the Dendrobium Concept: a Singaporean electric hypercar designed by Vanda Electrics and Williams Advanced Engineering. With an F1-inspired aerodynamic design, it has a top speed of 320km/h, 240km of autonomy, aluminum and carbon fiber bodywork, and doors that open like the leaves of the Asian orchid after which it is named.

Or the Lichtenstein-based manufacturer NanoFlowcell and its Quant 48Volt concept. Four electric motors delivering 760 HP, 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds, and a flow battery system, based on two electrolytes of opposite polarities that generate electricity by reduction-oxidation when they are mixed. For Carbon, this is an event with so much energy it is like rocket-fuel... book your spot before it's too late here