Spain: Carbon & Ocean Club Marbella: 
A tasty foretaste of what this summer 2017 wille be

« If you’re not in, you’re out »: this was the party one should have been to and this was held in the very famous and trendy Ocean Club Marbella! On 30th of April, Carbon visited its partner who was hosting a VIP party for some selected happy few. The party gave a foretaste of what will be Carbon events for this summer 2017!

Ocean Club Marbella represents one of the top nightclubs in the world and is located in a luxury environment. Ocean Club is famous for its cutting edge parties and is known as one of the trendiest beaches of Andalucía Coast. 

Invited by the Club to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Carbon team had the challenge to start off the celebration by opening three special sized Mathusalem of their vintage 2006. The Carbon team successfully helped with a positive attitude and professionalism to create a special event with their great champagnes.

This luxury size of Mathusalem reveals all of Carbon’s know how to produce an elegant and designed bottle. The 100 or so happy few Vips who came from all around the world vested of white and silver clothes –theme of the party - and who were handpicked to join this intimate party, have been very surprised by this jewel. They enjoyed Carbon champagne all night giving them a foretaste of Carbon summer parties for 2017!  

Carbon is very thankful to the Ocean Club Marbella for its invitation and is looking forward to build up a strong partnership for this summer 2017.


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