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From the first glance, the vintage range appeals to the iris. By its foam first, beautiful and persistent like a drape of foam. Its light golden color announces a blooming entry. The attack on the palate is languidly round, velvety and harmonious.

The Champagnes unfold in a palette of complicit aromas in a game of strictly perfect balance.

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Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Champagne Carbon CEO Alexandre Mea shook hands after signing the contract at Bugatti's headquarters in Molsheim, proudly formalizing the partnership between the two French luxury brands. a Bugatti Chiron coated in visible carbon fiber and a bottle of the new carbon champagne “EB.01” in its carbon fiber packaging testified to this exclusive cooperation. the predilection for carbon fiber composites, however, is by far not the only similarity between the two companies.


A bright salmon pink silhouette stands out against the background. The color of these Rosés Carbon Champagnes are works of haute-couture. A parade of fine pearly bubbles stretches to infinity.

Its participants follow each other in a long, stylized cord to the surface. At the top, the foam envelope is beautiful and persistent.

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Discover our range of Champagne limited editions.

Prestigious, unique and limited vintages.


The raw range is an artistic performance. As frenzied as the ballet of aromas, a body of bubbles of the greatest finesse begins a frantic dance. A persistent and creamy foam greets the first arrivals with a festive crackle. The pale gold color of her dress announces a transition to a bouquet in praise of slowness.

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