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The know-how

The great champagnes bearing the Carbon name owe their excellence to the exceptional quality of their grapes. Grandson of the 5th generation of Champagne winegrowers from the Champagne Devavry house, Alexandre decided to create his own Champagne House. After more than 4 years of research and development to create the most perfect bottle, Champagne Carbon is launched with the oldest cuvées of its grandfather.


Getting out of the box and staying true to tradition is Carbon's favorite exercise.  



Mosaic of terroirs with unique characteristics.  Carbon takes care of the three grape varieties that make up Champagne. Grand Cru and Premier Cru for Chardonnay. Marne Valley for Pinot Noir, thus sharing its clay soils with the youngest, Meunier.


Perfect mastery of traditional techniques, Carbon operates meticulously, between sensitivity and passion for beings. Each of the stages of vinification counts. The requirement of tradition throughout the process gives the soul natural to the wine.  


From the transmission of priceless secrets, a unique and singular champagne is born



Carbon was born from a passionate love for the terroirs of Champagne, mixed with the ambition of its creator.   For several years, we have tested and experimented with raw elements, thus writing the first lines of the Carbon spirit, original and daring.


Creating a Champagne that commands attention requires the greatest rigor. Imagine a tasting that captivates the audience, overwhelms the senses and transmits the desire to start over.


Wanting to offer an experience capable of casting a spell on the most demanding palates, while arousing everyone's curiosity and emotions.


Raised in the infusion of knowledge, know-how and family experience, Carbon has whetted his appetite to always learn more. 

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A particular character



Carbon collects distinctive traits, learning how to achieve the purest expression of our vines, grapes and soils.


First distinction, the oak of the barrels in contact with the air, allowing a natural exchange and preserving the original potential of each wine.  

Another distinction, in the form of gentle rotation of the barrels. The movement is operated by hand: a half or a quarter turn to detach the lees from the barrel, put it back in suspension and nourish the wine with its original sediments. This time that man devotes to it is called riddling.


Then, to preserve the quality of its wines, Carbon remains patient. Each small bottle is stored in a suitable environment, in the greatest of silences in order to offer an unequaled aging potential. Thus the champagnes express themselves freely and share all their naturalness with you. 

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Carbon wants to offer you a unique experience, freeing all your senses in a natural way.

With its elegant silhouette, this bottle is covered with finely crafted carbon fibre.


On tasting, fine bubbles are released by a discreet sound, clarity, intensity then, this salinity at the end of the mouth reveals a unique soul 

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